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  Quality Award Centre

Companies engaged in training can register their company through the Quality Award Centre route involving an audit of the applicants training provision, and registration of their trainers. Companies are given a unique quality assurance mark and each trainer is also given a unique identification number.

Key Benefits:
Reduced conference rates
Membership certificate
ICM 6 weekly newsletter
Code of Practice
Insurance scheme*
Designatory letters for your trainers
Quality assurance mark
Unique identification number for your trainers
Deliver ICM training courses
Access to Physical Skills Tutor Award
educational resources
on-line resources
reduced rate conferences & events
Policy development
Access to latest conflict management information

495 (excl. VAT) per Company, plus 95 (excl. VAT) per Trainer.


    1. To begin, you need to download the Code of PracticeQuality Award Centre Guidance Notes, and the Approval Questionnaire.

    2. Complete the Approval Questionnaire (using the guidance notes to help you) and provide all the necessary information including documentary evidence where requested.

    3. You must register all your trainers engaged in the delivery of conflict management training and provide the necessary documentation.

    4. Send in your application in a bound format, along with the required fee.

    5. The ICM Secretariat will review your application and contact you should more information be required.

    6. Once your application is approved, your company and your trainers will be accorded Quality Award Centre Status, and a quality assurance mark containing a unique registration number and a certificate as well as other documentation related to the scheme.

The Quality Award Centre route is renewable every 3 years, but your Trainers must renew on the anniversary of joining.

NOTE: Should you be unable to meet some of the requirements of the Quality Award Centre scheme, you can download the Tool Kit (Zip File) containing document templates for you to add to your policy and processes, and submit these with your Quality Award Centre application.


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