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Simply by joining you represent the ICM and help get our message across: that work-related violence, aggression and conflict is wholly unacceptable. The ICM lobbies key decision-makers wherever possible and your experience and views, from whatever industry sector, help make our case. This is your Institute, join the ICM and help us to help you!
Joining the ICM makes a positive statement about you and your commitment to the safety and well-being of the all the people with whom you have contact on both a personal and professional level. Therefore joining the ICM gives your customers and clients the added reassurance they need to make the big decisions in your favour. This is because they know you recognise the importance of belonging to an established professional body. The ICM is the leading professional body in its field and consequently you add an immeasurable value to your organisation when you become a member.

Rest assured being a member of the ICM at any level is a privilege. It carries a duty of responsibility to uphold the values and ideals of the ICM. It carries a duty of responsibility to actively participate in the development of the ICM though surveys and Sector groups. It carries a duty of responsibility to positively promote the views of the ICM, it members, and its partners, to Local and National organisations whenever possible.

Being a member of the ICM brings other special benefits. The level of these excellent benefits will depend on the level of membership you require. The choice is entirely in your hands and we’ll be delighted to provide you with any further assistance or information if required.

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Cost (excl. VAT): FREE! £50 £95 £495
Membership of the lead body for conflict management
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Continuous Professional Development
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Be invited to be a non-executive Director
Access to ICM qualifications
Access to latest conflict management information
Access to educational resources
On-line resources and free downloads
Enjoy reduced rate conferences & events  
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Cost (excl. VAT): FREE! £50 £95 £495

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