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Mission Statement
The Institute of Conflict Management: Results through cooperation not confrontation

By working together with its membership and with other influential bodies, the ICM aims to develop and promote good practice in the prevention and management of work related violence through education and training.

To promote best practice in the prevention and management of work related violence, through education and training.

We will achieve this through:
1. Working in partnership with other influential bodies to understand and respond to the specific needs of each sector

2. Actively promoting National Occupational Standards through conferences, training, guidance and resources

3. Building a strong membership that promotes organisational change to create a safer working environment for workers and service users

4. Promoting the ICM as the main conduit for information, research and best practice with regard to training, strategy and public education in managing conflict

5. Raising professional standards in conflict management training and services through the promotion of best practice and the development a rigorous qualitative process that will become the industry standard

6. Encouraging membership growth through providing continued professional development and other valuable benefits to internal and external providers, and the purchasers of services

7. Development of ICM training resources

8. Promoting research into violence and aggression in the workplace


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